The Ploughmans Pie



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The Ploughmans

Seasoned pork with grated double Gloucester cheese and sweet pickle topped with cherry tomatoes

meat 28% minced pork,WHEAT flour,water, lard,rusk (WHEAT flour, salt) SOYA flour, salt,cherry tomatoes double gloucester cheese (MILK)  sweet pickle(carrots,cauliflower,gherkins,marrows,onions,rutabaga,tomatoes,sugar,vinegar,dates,apples,modified starch,lemon juice, preservative (sodium  METABISULPHITE)colour E150d,JEL (gelatine,dextrose,salt,stabaliser (E407)potassium chloride, hydrolised vegetable protein(SOYA), spice extracts, herb extracts colour (E150d )

Storage Information

This pie is a cold cutting pie and therefore does not require any heating.  Pies can be frozen but we would not recommend this as the quality will not be the same once defrosted

Delivery Information 
Pre Orders Welcome! Please note that all pies are handmade to order, therefore please allow up to 48 hours for dispatch.Good are sent out on an overnight delivery service in temperature controlled boxes (if standard delivery option chosen, goods still sent expedited).All pies have a 7 day shelf life once received.Click Here For Delievery Information